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By Kuhn Family Dentistry
July 11, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
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You could have an unattractive smile because of a chipped tooth or one slightly out of alignment. Or, it could be both of the above, plus some heavy staining to boot. Correcting each flaw individually might require a combination of different methods like orthodontics or porcelain crowns, which can take an extended period of time to complete.

But you may be able to correct numerous smile flaws with just one method—and in no more than a couple of treatment visits. It's called direct veneers.

Unlike regular veneers, direct veneers don't require a dental technician to craft a thin porcelain shell to bond over teeth. Rather, a dentist applies a tooth-colored material called composite resin to the problem teeth and "sculpts" an entirely new look that can correct multiple dental flaws at one time.

The dentist usually begins the process by creating a model ("wax-up") of proposed changes based on physical impressions of the jaw and teeth. Both dentist and patient can study the model and modify it if necessary, when finalizing the treatment plan.

At a subsequent appointment, the dentist prepares the tooth surface for bonding by removing a thin layer of tooth enamel, then shapes the teeth to better accommodate the composite resin. This tooth prep is similar to that done with traditional veneers, so it's permanent—the teeth will require some form of restoration from then on.

After applying an etchant and a bonding agent, the dentist applies the composite resin in small amounts, hardening each layer with a special light before applying the next one. With each subsequent layer, the dentist sculps the composite material to eventually resemble the wax-up model.

After completing the composite application, the dentist then uses hand tools and a dental drill to complete shaping, as well as an abrasive strip between teeth to aid future flossing. After just a few hours, the transformation is complete.

Direct veneers are durable, but not to the same extent as regular veneers or other cosmetic enhancements. They can also pick up stains over time, and may require re-treatment at some point. Still, direct veneers are a cost-effective way to improve the appearance of teeth with multiple flaws that could radically change your smile for the better.

If you would like more information on the direct veneer method, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation.

July 07, 2021
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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Wouldn't it be nice to have a smile that doesn't stain? That's only one benefit that porcelain veneers provide. Porcelain veneers deliver a strong, durable, and resilient alternative to natural enamel for chipped, cracked, crooked, gapped, discolored, or broken teeth. This non-invasive procedure is performed in-office by your dentist using tooth-colored materials to create a healthy, confidence-boosting appearance. Dr. Melinda Kuhn can complete this procedure in three steps and discuss details during a visit to our Reno, NV office.

Renew Your Smile With Porcelain Veneers

A veneer is a thin shell of porcelain that your dentist bonds to the surface of tooth enamel. Porcelain veneers can be used on a single tooth or group of teeth, resulting in a minor makeover or a complete smile transformation.

First, some of the tooth enamel is removed for a proper fit. Your dentist then takes an impression of your smile that is sent to a laboratory where your veneers are custom made. They will match the rest of your teeth in size and color unless you choose to brighten your smile with veneers. Finally, your Reno, NV, dentist will cement the porcelain veneers to the teeth. 

Brushing twice a day for two minutes, flossing daily, and sleeping with a bite guard are all excellent ways to protect your new veneers. You'll also benefit from frequent professional cleanings and routine checkups.

Talk to your dentist today to determine your candidacy for porcelain veneers. If your teeth require a more semi-permanent cosmetic option, such as teeth whitening, crowns, or bonding, Dr. Kuhn can go over these services with you during the consultation.

For more information about porcelain veneers, as well as services provided in our Reno, NV office, visit our website. Please call (775) 829-9331 for appointment scheduling.

By Kuhn Family Dentistry
September 25, 2019
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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Have you been thinking about rebuilding your lackluster smile? Porcelain veneers from Dr. Melina Kuhn here at Kuhn Family Dentistry in Reno, NV, can do just that! However, before undergoing any cosmetic dentistry procedure, it's important to understand just exactly what the restoration can (and can’t) do for your smile. We want to be able to help you achieve your smile goals, so if you are interested in learning more about veneers, then you’ve come to the right place.

What is a dental veneer?

A veneer is a custom-fabricated, thin shell made from medical-grade porcelain that is bonded to the front of a tooth in order to change its overall length, shape, size, or color. By hiding a variety of cosmetic imperfections, veneers can fully rejuvenate your smile!

Who is a good candidate for veneers?

If you are an otherwise healthy individual who has strong teeth but is dealing with teeth that are discolored, worn, chipped, slightly misaligned, or misshapen, then you could benefit from dental veneers.

Of course, not everyone will be an ideal candidate for this treatment, which is why you should visit our Reno, NV, cosmetic dentist for an initial evaluation. During this appointment, we will examine your teeth to make sure that they are strong and healthy enough to support veneers. We will also discuss your treatment goals to ensure that they align with what veneers can offer.

What is involved in getting dental veneers?

Veneers require minimal tooth preparation, making them an attractive option for many of our patients. Veneers are custom-made based on your tooth measurements. Of course, teeth do need some preparation before the veneers can be bonded. After undergoing an initial consultation, we will remove a very small amount of enamel from the front of your teeth. Since enamel doesn’t contain nerves, this process is completely painless.

Once the teeth are properly prepped and the measurements of your mouth have been taken, you may have to wait a week or two to get fitted (temporary veneers may be placed in the meantime). Once your veneers are ready, you will come back in to have the restorations bonded to your teeth.

How long will these restorations last?

With the proper care, veneers can last up to 15 years before needing to be replaced.

Interested? Give us a call!

Want to talk with an expert about receiving veneer treatment? If so, it’s the perfect time to set up an appointment here at Kuhn Family Dentistry! Dial (775) 829-9331 today to schedule an appointment at our office in Reno, NV.

December 07, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
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Even a flawed smile can become beautiful with dental veneers.veneers

We only have one chance to make a great first impression in both our professional and personal lives and having a great smile can go a long way to giving the very best first impression that you possibly can. That’s why so many people believe that putting money into having the perfect smile is the best investment. Our Reno cosmetic dentist Dr. Melinda Kuhn offers dental veneers so that patients can finally get that picture-perfect smile.

Do you hate that gap between your front teeth? Do you wish that you didn’t have such noticeable chips and cracks in your teeth? Is one tooth worn down or misshapen? If you said yes to any of these questions then dental veneers could help your smile. These thin porcelain or composite resin shells are adhered to the front of your teeth to hide these common imperfections so that the world around you only notices a whiter, healthy smile.

Veneers are a great option for those looking to hide dental flaws such as:

  • Discolorations

  • Chips and cracks

  • Malformed or misshapen teeth

  • Uneven or worn teeth (often from teeth grinding)

  • Spaces between teeth

  • Minor crowding

  • Teeth that are too small

  There are so many ways dental veneers can improve the appearance of your teeth. Before you get veneers, there are some facts that you should know about this treatment:

  • If you are getting traditional dental veneers, our Reno dentist will need to remove about 0.5 millimeters of enamel from your teeth prior to getting veneers. This reduces the thickness of your natural teeth so that when the veneers are applied your smile doesn’t look bulky. Because enamel can’t grow back, once this tooth preparation has occurred it is not reversible.

  • In many cases removing this small amount of enamel can be performed painlessly without the need for anesthesia. Of course, those who have dental anxieties surrounding procedures or those who have tooth sensitivity may decide to get anesthesia or sedation.

  • It takes about one week to get your specially designed dental veneers. Veneers are then bonded to your teeth using a special resin, which is sandwiched between the veneers and the front of your teeth. Then a light is used to harden the resin and permanently adhere the veneers.

 Are you ready to take the plunge and get dental veneers in Reno, NV? We are so happy to hear it. Call our dental office today and schedule an appointment with our cosmetic expert Dr. Kuhn, who is ready to give you the smile you want.

January 26, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: cosmetic dentistry   veneers  

There are countless successful dental procedures that can help to restore a smile beautifully. A healthy smile is the right color, shape veneersand alignment. If your teeth could use some improvement in any of these things, veneers may be the answer. A Reno, NV dentist from Kuhn Family Dentistry, such as Dr. Melinda Kuhn, can help determine whether or not this is a viable dental option for you.

What are Veneers?

Veneers is a wafer-thin layer of porcelain that substitutes natural tooth enamel. When they are bonded to the teeth, they create a natural-looking surface. This is because porcelain is tough and clear and doesn’t stain like tooth enamel can and does. Veneers can be made so thin that they can be bonded directly to your existing tooth surface. This makes the process simple and pain-free.

Veneers can help with:

  1. Color
  2. Size & shape
  3. Alignment
  4. Shaping

Unfortunately, veneers aren't always the answer. Dr. Melinda Kuhn can help determine these situations. If someone has severely misaligned teeth or a large gap, orthodontics may be a better option. Also, if a patient has lost a lot of tooth structure because of trauma or decay, it may be better to restore the smile with crowns or dental implants rather than veneers.

What Veneers Can Do For Your Smile in Reno

Veneers can create a perfect-looking smile with bright white, evenly spaced and aligned teeth. A model of your teeth is created in which wax veneers can be placed to demonstrate how veneers can benefit your smile. Once you and Dr. Kuhn agree on the type of veneers that you desire, your teeth will be prepared by removing a small amount of enamel. Molds of the teeth are made and used by a dental lab to create your custom veneers. During this time, you will receive a temporary set of veneers to wear during the time they are creating your permanent ones.

To learn more about what Dr. Kuhn can offer you in terms of veneers, call Kuhn Family Dentistry in Reno, NV today at (775) 829-9331.